How We Met…

As told by Kait…

I knew Ryan was the one almost instantaneously. There was an energy about him that I adored, and I found myself making excuses to walk by his office each day. Usually it was just a wave or polite exchange on my way to the copy room, but in those early days of getting to know one another, it became clear how much much we had in common–and how much we didn’t.

Ryan shares my core values, and as it turns out, those differences we saw in the beginning continue to keep our relationship interesting. I don’t see him picking up a paintbrush anytime soon, but likewise he knows when I’ve reached my sports quota for the month!

They say when you meet the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with you just know–and that couldn’t have been more true for me. With anyone I had dated before there was always a question, an “if only…” in the back of my mind. With Ryan that uncertainty just wasn’t there. It was kismet at its best: I had found someone that I felt like I had laughed with for a hundred years. I feel so blessed to be marrying my best friend, my other half.

As told by Ryan…

From the first time I saw Kaitland walking past my office to the copy room, I felt an instant attraction. At first I would just see her and smile, trying to think of a clever way to strike up a conversation. Finally, one day I saw her making her way into the copy room. A moment later, I heard the all too familiar opening of the copy machine doors to fix the jam. I made my way into the copy room and asked her what was wrong (already knowing the situation). A moment later I fixed the jam and got to say more than the casual greetings that we normally exchanged. That moment in the copy room was the start of an amazing journey.

From the moment we had our first date, everything was so natural with Kaitland. We could be having a light hearted conversation one moment, and the next moment be engaged in a serious conversation. I have always felt so at ease and that I could always be myself with Kaitland. Her creativity and drive are two of the qualities I love and respect most about her. I feel truly blessed every day to know that I will be spending the rest of my life with my true love and best friend.



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